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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2019 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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digitally. through the flood of images they combine. the construct might happen and substantiate claims of crimes. between its. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t w. coming up on the program the battle against. trying to protect against. police officers. confession we look at how we. invest.
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it's good to have you with us we begin in northern india where many farmers have a beef with strict was the reason they're eating their crops by estimates which are themselves seven years old india has some five point two million stray cause. to hindu sensitivities prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist party has offered greater protection than before this means this same for meat and hyde has been severely restricted the result. and free for again close.
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to the state of. chad tom joyner is no stranger to the hardships of farming in india. but he's now confronting a new menace which has been causing havoc across the rural economy. street cars there you see there they're coming together chad tom says the animals have gobbled up his crops twice causing huge financial losses. here that we so seeds and lay down fertilizer the one the crops grow the cattle destroying the look of all our hard work time and money goes down the drain there's a big garden many farmers have been forced to patrol the fields and trees the way the animals with little success. i chased the cattle off my field
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but the neighboring farmer will do the same and they'll come back here i'll run after them again if this goes on all day every ten minutes. others are trying to keep a constant vigil over the crops should they because god says wheat fields from straight from six thirty in the morning until dusk at night his younger brother takes over. the cattle come at night sometimes entire herds of them someone has to be here all night too with a stick and a torch. frustration is boiling over among farmers here recently they took matters into their own hands they rounded up around eighty stray cows and locked them up here in this public school to protect their fields only to have the police come and free them a few hours later. the position alone is estimated to have more than one million street cattle two years ago the state's hindu nationalist government imposed quick
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laws banning slaughter and killing to protect the cows many hindus consider holy but it's had the opposite effect. this is a big problem across the countryside here. tough restrictions on the cattle trade mean that villagers can no longer sell their old unproductive dollars for meat off the heights villagers here say many farmers are forced to abandon their leading to a spike in the stray cats a population. the government has pledged funds for districts to deal with the problem and set up temporary shelters to take in streets. but the facilities like this one in the nearby town of calgary ill equipped there's little hope you're of things changing. the government has built this shelter but you can see for yourself there's no one to maintain it every two weeks or so at least one cow dies here the government's doing nothing. that doesn't surprise political
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scientists g twenty he says protection is largely a symbolic issue for the hindu nationalists who call protection movement historically has being protection of the cause as a symbolic figure and need an embodiment to incarnation off you know both the mother and the nation here it's never a. sound. economics policy so it's not so much of what protecting the cow but it's a book killing it. as he's taking no more chances he's now secured in this field with. the prices of sword because of high demand. the hope is that peace will keep stray cows out at least until the harvest next month. not with the international outrage over a disturbing video out of indonesia's best province it shows where nice life sneak
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around the neck of a vest up one man during an interrogation he was being questioned about stolen mumbai forms and police were apparently trying to force a confession officers ahead threatening to put the suppan in the man's mouth and pads. in the recent police have since apologized and promised to take disciplinary action a police spokesman for the region said the incident was being investigated by internal affairs it described the interrogation as unprofessional and inhuman but he also noted that the snake wasn't poisonous and officers had refrained from beating the man. but on a common is a human rights lawyer in the region speaking to a social media team she said the video was indicative of a pattern of rights abuses by police but i think this is just the tip off the iceberg and this snake. using snake s. torture methods it's not new in our west when they video us first are so faced
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so many of my own west papuan friends who have been are in and out of jail for political reasons said that although they have long known net snakes being mean used by police and initial matri and. just last months are one of my clients sent pro independence activists he was arrested and what after he was arrested he was put in the saddle with the snake in the cell and then he was beaten slapped kicked and her his head was pushed towards the snake to force him do at me that he had stolen what about this is threshing motivated because given the context of the prosecution as well the discrimination and now and from the video or are all of what the police were saying in that video how they mocked that popcorn man this past three years our police have been massa arresting
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westpark once like the more significant number two thousand in two thousand and sixteen alone there were five thousand and three hundred something arrest i thing there even just apology already rare you see it's totally i would be very surprised i mean i mean it's good if police give some punishment to give some sense of justice other reactions also point to human rights abuses in the rest of the hour where there's now a growing movement for an independence referendum this from joseph benedict a researcher with civic freedom wanted to because this incident he says highlights once again the ongoing climate of impunity the rest and the failure of president your to hold the perpetrators to account. and this from award winning australian journalist peter crowe no indication security using snakes for torture and twenty one thousand of the napalm in the seventy's draws my version since the eighty's
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aids in the ninety's islamist edison's to thousands phosphorous bombs in twenty eighteen disease all of neglect theft so when does the world cry and off. to china now which is aging fast by twenty fifteen about a third of the country's population will be over sixty that's nearly five hundred million people well over the population of the entire united states and there's growing group together with rising incomes means more purchasing power so of course one industry has picked up on that trend. strutting her stuff on the catwalk ma in hong has a style and swagger that's been my hey years fifty six year old is one of china's growing number of older models. she made her modeling debut just two years ago but for me being stylish is nothing new. i've always had requirements when it comes to beauty i'm not the same as other
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antti used to casually go out dressed in old people's clothes i wouldn't allow myself to dress as a grandmother. with an aging population in the country so called silver spenders mean big business and for many models it's a way to stay engaged outside the home. of the young people our age are all retired and stay at home right i think it's boring because if you retire and do nothing every day it means that you need to think about how to spend so much spare time you going to spend your days thinking about cleaning and cooking every day i think i would be bored or. luckily for mother has been no shortage of work and with mature models in high demand she looks set to strut well into old age. it once crowned at the dinner tables of japanese and prose and as
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a result was hunted to extinction of the right crowd crim is now off the menu and it used to hokkaido its numbers have bounced back so months old that locals flock around pretending to be the bird. the best bird in all the land. the red crowned crane rates in these marshes. but some humans are also giving it a try. out of the village of zero eight is one of the birds wintering grounds each year locals hold a crane mimicking contest. judges are on hand to watch the contestants give their peak performance. that means like the beloved time show as it's known in japanese balancing on one foot in ike's by
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showing off one's elegant black and white plumage. there are some here i just can't wing it. but in the end the real birdbrain when this. she do what i feel like i have become a red cross crane's. that may be a fallacy but the locals love for the bread crumb cream is real and hokkaido it will always be the richest. i feel free to fly across to our website. isha and don't forget to check out the news on facebook as well. leave it all with images of the festival in the province in pakistan celebrating pakistani folk music since you don't start by
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. zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero. it's time for berlin sixty nine film festival. we give you the lowdown on the stars. and gossip. the twenty nineteen every day on.
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what's coming up on the going to sleep so much movement thing. this. sentence looks like. it's touch psycho but all that means for the taking of course expect. someone to sleep every weekend here on t w six. profits edna's son soldier magically has the japanese carmaker warns of slowing demand and fallout from the arrest of its former c.e.o. carlos gold. also coming up china lashes out at what it calls protectionism after other countries warn the telecoms networks not to use chinese equipment. and
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turning away from industrial farming will see how some in india see it from a culture as the way to feed the country. this is business. as in berlin welcome misson has released its twenty eighteen results and it's a worrying picture for the japanese carmaker blames a forty five percent drop in bottom line profit for the first nine months of its fiscal year on weakening global demand yet there's a bigger question looming over the company the future of its alliance with french carmaker randall the relationship between the two has never been easy but it was put together by former chairman and c.e.o. carlos goan a man who now sits in a tokyo jail. the relationship between the two car makers has never been easy and with gone out of the picture it stands to get worse nissan c.e.o. who wrote to a psychologist said tuesday that maintaining the alliance is his priority but he suggested nissan wants more parity in the relationship what's going on. i don't
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think the alliance is something which becomes valuable just because parties are tied together by a contract or are so.


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